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Every individual and business who runs a website needs a hosting service to run it on the world wide web. There are various web hosting solutions available which are different for small and big businesses. Most of the individuals and small businesses prefer shared hosting when they make their first website because of its low cost. In shared hosting you share a powerful server with other people’s websites. Now because you share a small portion of a big server you can use only limited resources and features. Moreover if there are some large websites on the same server, they will swallow most of the resources leaving your website slowdown most of the times. Security is another issue in shared hosting as you are using the same resources which are used by other websites on your server. If you are using a shared hosting and your site runs usually slow then its time to upgrade to a better hosting service.

VPS hosting is a service which is expensive as compared to shared hosting but offer a lot of resources and features which are not offered in shared hosting. VPS means virtual private server which puts your website on the same server with other websites but in a different way. The server is partitioned into several partitions and one of them is allotted to you. Your website is hosted on a partition and the resources are assigned according to your hosting plan. The resources assigned to you cannot be used by any others. So if there are some websites on the same server which are large in size, even then your website will not be affected as the resources allotted to each website are different.

There is another type of hosting known as dedicated hosting which is better than both the shared hosting and VPS hosting but it is expensive than both of them. It costs about hundreds of dollar per month.

Now making a decision about which hosting service to use, depends the type of website you are going to make. There is a lot of price difference between shared and VPS hosting. If your website is not for business or earning money, then shared hosting is the best option and it will provide everything you need. If you have made a website for business purpose and earning money but cannot afford Dedicated hosting, then VPS hosting is the best option for you. VPS hosting offers you a lot of benefits like high speed, flexibility and customization.

Here are some of the advantages of VPS hosting service over shared hosting:

  1. The bandwidth and disk space allotted to you cannot be used by others.
  2. You can create accounts and set permissions.
  3. You can install, uninstall and debug softwares for your website.
  4. You website is more secured as each VPS is isolated and separate from other virtual private servers on the same physical server.
  5. VPS provides technical support for your website but you don’t need to maintain the physical server.

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