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Virtual private server plays an important role in the performance of your website. If your website is slow in speed and performance then its time to optimize your VPS. Optimizing the VPS is known as VPS hosting. The default settings for all your applications are not appropriate for the smooth performance of your website. So it’s important to identify the services consuming most of the resources and change their settings to attain the required performance. Here are a few tips on how to improve the site response and reduce loads.

  1. Apache settings: If your Apache in not configured correctly it can reduce the speed and performance of your server. Configuring your Apache settings correctly leads to better speed and performance of your website. Settings such as KeepAlive, MaxClients and StartServers can be configured for better performance.
  1. Update your My SQL: Updating your MySQL is also important in optimizing your VPS. You need to update your version of MySQL in order to achieve the peak performance and reduce response times. Check for the latest version of MySQL and replace your older version with it.
  1. Caching your content: You can also cache your content to speed up the processes and reduce latency. In caching data to RAM the frequently accessed data is stored temporarily which helps in reducing the access time and improving the speed. Some of the caching softwares are Varnish, Memcached and Squid.
  1. Content optimization: You can optimize your the content on your website for better speed and performance. You may use some of the free online tools which can analyze your website and provide you with speed and performance metrics. They also point out the places in your site and on your server that needs to be optimized.
  1. Consider a CDN: CDN is a Content Delivery Network which helps you deliver content to the user at fast speed. It reduces the space between your end users and server by storing the static content on nodes all over the web. Leading websites like Netflix, Youtube and Pandora are using CDN’s for better streaming and delivering of media to their users.

If you take care of the above mentioned points you will definitely achieve the necessary speed and performance of your server. Configuring your Apache, MySQL and caching your content correctly will definitely improve the performance of your server and the experience of your users.

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