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Everyone who runs a website whether an individual or organization needs a hosting service. There are various hosting services available to fulfill the needs of individuals and organizations. Most of the people use shared hosting to have an online presence because of it’s basic features and low cost. Another type of hosting is VPS hosting which is a bit expensive than shared hosting but offers more benefits and features than shared hosting.

In shared hosting you share the resources of the server with other user’s websites. There are many other users on the same server and they use the same resources with you. You share the speed and bandwidth with others. Further, if there are some large websites on the same server they will use a major portion of the bandwidth and you may experience downtime with your website.

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server which you share the same resources as in shared hosting but in a different way. In VPS hosting a virtual part of the actual server is assigned to you. There are many websites on the same server but each user is assigned a specific set of resources. The resources assigned to you cannot be used by other users. So you can utilize the resources fully for which you pay the money. VPS hosting is a little expensive but it has lot of advantages over shared hosting some of which are mentioned as:

Performance and reliability

VPS hosting provides you a particular bandwidth along with a fix RAM and CPU usage which other users cannot use. Therefore you get the high speed and optimal performance. Your website never experience a downtime.


In VPS hosting a virtual part of the actual server is assigned to you. So you have the flexibility to configure and reboot your operating system anytime. What other users do with their resources will not affect your system’s performance.

Dedicated Mail Server

VPS hosting assigns you with a dedicated mail server having an IP address. This saves you from the spam mails and other user’s spam activities.

Privacy and Security

The other user’s cannot access your files or data as you don’t share the operating system with others.

Cost effectiveness

VPS hosting offers a number of benefits of dedicated hosting at a fraction of the dedicated hosting cost.

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