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Whenever we think of web hosting good performance and affordable price is our top priority. It is not easy to find a high performance hosting service with multiple features at an affordable price. Dedicated servers are the best for web hosting if you run a high traffic website and prefer bandwidth, speed and consistent performance. Dedicated hosting is very expensive for individuals and small businesses.

Linux is one of the leading server operating systems and play a significant role in managing the web hosting services for many e-commerce websites. Linux also has some advantages over the Windows dedicated servers.

Affordable Cost

Linux dedicated server technology is an open source technology which can be used by many businesses. As an open source it can be updated by web programmers which cannot be done in other servers. Linux dedicated server can be availed at an affordable cost as the set up cost is very low and it offers free operating system. Linux also provides free applications to integrate with it. Therefore Linux hosting can be used by businesses who want a quality hosting service at low cost.


As nowadays security is a major issue for businesses Linux is the most reliable platform for hosting as it is one of the early platforms which hosts websites from the early ages of internet. Linux dedicated servers comes with security features such as anti spy-ware, anti mal-ware and firewall protection. Due to these security features Linux servers do not crash easily and users can use them without any worries.

Flexibility and compatibility

Linux offers lot of flexibility to a company. As the Linux platform is easy to modify and update it is easy to host multimedia, e-commerce applications and blogging websites. Moreover Linux is compatible to use with other operating systems. Linux can be easily used for the websites made for Windows and other operating systems.


You can add more servers with the Linux dedicated server due to the scalability of the system. A dedicated Linux server is the perfect for those who use scripting in languages.

Speed and performance

Linux can perform and handle multiple tasks simultaneously better than windows. Moreover the procedure of uploading and setting up of a Linux web server is very simple and easy to do task.

 Linux dedicated servers provide superior features allowing you to handle high traffic in a cost-effective way. Linux dedicated server provides you with stability, security and reliability at affordable costs.

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