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When an individual or organization makes a new website then they need to upload their website over the world wide web. You need a web hosting service to upload your website on the web. The web hosting company provides you with server space and connectivity.

 There are two types of hosting platforms available. One is Linux and the other is windows based hosting. Both have different set of benefits and disadvantages. Most people prefer Linux over Windows. Here we are giving some of the benefits due to which websites prefer Linux over windows :

Linux is cost effective

The cost of any service is important for business. Linux is an open source low cost hosting service which is the reason that more and more people use Linux hosting. Further the Linux based applications like Apache, MySQL and PHP are free without any license fee.


Linux is compatible with other operating systems. If your website is made in windows you will have no problem in using a Linux hosting service.

Stability and Performance

Linux is more stable than windows as it can perform and handle multiple tasks simultaneously better than windows. Linux users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to increase the productivity and performance of their websites. Moreover the procedure of uploading and setting up of a Linux web server is very simple and easy to do task.


Linux gives you the flexibility to use any of the softwares which comes with it free of cost. You can install only those components which you want to use rather than the whole package.

Easy installation

Linux is very easy to install and user friendly. You have to just follow the instructions and there is no need to call a professional to install it.

Improvement and Modification:

As Linux is an open source platform its easy for web developers to modify and improve it. The users can install different programming softwares to enhance its task abilities and performance.

Security and Reliability:

As nowadays security is a major issue for businesses. The Linux web server system provides you with free security measures like antivirus and anti malware programs. Linux is supposed to be more secure than Windows.

Linux hosting servers provide you with excellent features allowing you to handle high traffic in a cost-effective way. That’s why the most websites and major search engines like Google also use linux hosting.

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