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Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are those servers in which a user can share its server with other users. Through VPS, one can access his or her website by uploading files and folders via internet. VPS servers can be rent out to other websites as well. VPS technology runs an operating system which is virtualized on one machine. Its means that one can run other operating systems like window 7 or window 8 in their computers having window XP without restarting of the computer. It works as both shared or dedicated servers. In shared server, one can share its server with other websites while in dedicated server there is no sharing of the server to other websites. Thus VPS hosting provide both shared or dedicated features as per the need of the user. A Virtual Private Server hosting divides the main server into multiple servers. Different resources are placed in these multiple servers like disk space, RAM etc. Each resource plays its function in the operating system. VPS comes in various packages from less expensive to more expensive as per the requirements of the customers.

VPS servers do not let other websites to access your files on the website. It gives complete privacy even if you are sharing your server with anyone else. In these servers, there is full security as an individual server is different from other servers with good performance than shared servers. In these servers, one can customize scripting languages such as MySQL, Apache or PHP in operating system. Even users can install any application in system, and restart computer which will not affect other website using the same server. In this server, one can have dedicated amount of RAM which cannot be used by other websites.

Apart from many advantages, VPS server web hosting has many disadvantages as well.

Due to sharing process of VPS server, each website has its software and operating system which makes difficult to maintain other websites operating systems. Sometime VPS server do not utilize its all resources which makes it difficult to allocate the resources. If traffic increases on the website then virtual server becomes difficult to manage.

If the software is failed or security is damaged, then one server will affect the activity of other’s server.Window VPS hosting in India is good for small websites which provide great advantages. VPS server can be changed i.e shared to dedicated server according to company’s need and requirements.

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