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Before explaining the benefits of dedicated servers in India, lets briefly explain about what are dedicated servers? Dedicated servers are internet hosting servers in which a client does not share its server with others, and server is used by the single organization only. Dedicated servers are used by many organizations in India owing to its benefits and rising popularity.

Lets talk about the benefits of dedicated servers in India:

Performance of dedicated servers: Dedicated servers provide great performance. As in shared hosting servers where website is affected by multiple users but in dedicated servers, there is no sharing of server which maintains dedicated environment on one task. It gives good processing speed and smooth running which increases the traffic on the website.

Crash Problems: Shared servers face many problem like crash problems but dedicated hosting servers rarely face such crash problems. Dedicated servers are reliable and trustworthy, thus making the website safe and secure.

Security controlDedicate servers provide security against anti spam activities, viruses, Malware etc. One can install software as per the security needs of the website. If someone is running online business then online security is of prime importance to run the business. Shared servers lack such high level of security as dedicated servers because dedicated servers do not lease server to others.

Privacy control: For running any website, it is important to have high level of website privacy. A website is dependent on effective server, and server should not be shared server in that case. Dedicated server gives full privacy when it comes to effective performance of website. One can customize dedicated server according to the website privacy.

Large number of resources: Dedicated sever is committed to one website so all its resources are also dedicated to it. Bandwidth, RAM, internet connection, hard disk etc

are used by one organization for its own personal website. Resources can be increased according to the demand, like one can increase the storage capacity or RAM or Hard disk.

Control over server: Dedicated servers give full control to access anything. One can download or install any software from the server without any interruption. One can choose operating system and hardware material according to the website requirement.

Dedicated servers are responsible for managing servers. From troubleshooting or rebooting of software, hardware installation, availability of network, timely backups, 24*7 tech support and managing other applications. It helps to focus on task rather than thinking about technical problems.

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