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Dedicated servers are those which give you full security for your website. Strad solution provides dedicated servers with 24*7 technical support. We give two types of dedicated servers in which you can choose as per your need. One dedicated server is managed dedicated server and other one unmanaged dedicated server, in which you can manage your server as per your requirement. We are the best providers of managed dedicated servers in India.Dedicated server are those servers which use system administrators to manage dedicated servers. Under this server, the user can update new & old software and also upgrade an operating system.

Dedicated server comes with firewall security and also provide data backup. It gives advanced technical support. One can manage its database system by themselves. It monitors the sever and resolve any issue related to the server. It gives protection from anti-viruses and spam files.

Managed software comes with advanced configurations and web Control panel software which is easy to use. Strand solutions provide a different package of managed and unmanaged dedicated servers in which user can choose the package according to his need. Both dedicated servers come with high network quality and setup, which gives multi-level security for the network. Data center is equipped with power generators, in case of power failure these generators will help to operate data. To maintain temperature, HVAC units are placed in the data center. Complex and difficult issues related to software applications URL monitoring is used by both dedicated servers with 24*7 support from technical team. Dedicated servers are made up of Dual-Hexa core CPU’s, which manage the data and databases. Users can access virtualized environment on the server. For security, these servers are secured by firewalls, DDOS etc. A regular audit is done to detect any issue.

Strand solutions provides you dedicated servers for online business. Data moving is a difficult task which is done freely over servers. Depending on the need of the company, it provides basic server of low workload with 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM, which provides low or steady traffic on websites. But companies with high workload or more traffic need 8GB RAM to 16GB RAM with high virtualization. Strand solutions fulfills the basic to advanced need of dedicated server for any company.


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