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Server is a running device on a network which arranges different resources of the network. The server includes RAM, disk space, bandwidth and other equipments which are used by the clients.

There are different types of servers which perform the same task, but they have some differences in terms of usage. Let us discuss the different servers and why they are different from each other?

Shared server: Shared server is that server which is used by the different clients. In shared server, all resources of the server are divided among different clients. For example RAM, disk space, and bandwidth are used by different clients. Due to sharing, users get limited amount of resources which affect the uploading process of the files. Sharing makes shared hosting cheaper as different users have to share the expenditure of the server. In this server, due to the multiple users, there is more chance of getting viruses so this server has to install anti-spam, Malware or firewall to protect it from any threat.

Dedicated server: Dedicated server is that server which will be used by only one user.  Dedicated server resources are used by one user and there is no sharing of the server. The speed of uploading is fast as only one user uses its RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. This makes it expensive than shared server. Only one user have to bear the expenditure of the server. But it comes with great features, as there is very less chance of getting viruses until the user does any unethical activity. A user can add or remove any software by himself or herself. Dedicated server gives flexibility and a good amount of storage and security without sharing its server. Even one can customize its server setting, according to his or her need of the business.

VPS Server: When talking about VPS server, this is a combination of shared and dedicated server. If a user selects VPS server, then he or she is the only one to decide whether he or she wants to share his or her server with others or if he or she wants full control over the server. This server has a same feature as shared and dedicated server. A user can upgrade this server any time and can change its settings. This server gives full privacy and security. Data gets full safety under VPS server. VPS server can customize different software applications.

All these servers give 24*7 technical support to its clients, customer care executive help them in solving the server related issues.

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