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Looking for a cheap web server hosting? Are you confused between different web hosting plans? Strand Solutions provides you cheap and pocket friendly hosting plans. VPS means Virtual Private Server, in which you can choose between shared and unshared plans. Virtual Private Server is an affordable server with which you can increase privacy, control, and manage resources of the server.

Virtual Private Server gives full privacy to the website. One can choose Virtual Private Server, according to the needs of the company. Virtual Private Server comes in two types i.e shared and dedicated server. In shared server, you share your server with other websites in which others can use your resources as well. In the dedicated server, you have full control over the resources.

When it comes to security, Virtual Private Server provides full security. No other websites can harm your website. Even they can’t access your files and data. So your data is secure and safe under Virtual Private Server web server hosting.

Virtual Private Server operating system use virtualized method in which users can operate Window 7 even if the system is having Window 8. There is no need to restart the computer. It divides the server with a multiple servers with different resources like RAM, disk space etc. In Virtual Private Server, a user can customize different applications like PHP, MySQL or Apache. If a user is sharing his server with other websites, even then he can install or restart the system, which will not affect the working of other websites.

If we look at the performance of the Virtual Private Server server hosting, it gives the best performance with dedicated servers. Dedicated servers are meant for that website which need extra security and privacy. In these servers, a user cannot share any of its server resources with other websites.

Virtual Private Server Hosting is self-dependent. It uses its own RAM, disk space and operating system. This self dependency makes VPS more secure server. Virtual Private Server provides full protection from Malware, anti-spam files, viruses. It has its separate IP address with the dedicated mail server.

Strand solutions provides you different package of Virtual Private Server web server hosting in which you can upgrade your resources when you need more traffic on your website. Virtual Private Server gives a great performance. We provide cheapest VPS in India. Also, 24*7 support is given by customer care executives who assist you in managing the Virtual Private web server.

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