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Before talking about cheap VPS hosting, it is important to know what is VPS hosting?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) has its shared and dedicated hosting environment. In VPS hosting, one can host the website online by choosing from various types of web hosting.

Online website is difficult to manage and can get costly. One needs to have website files which will be uploaded on the web server. VPS hosting provides cheap hosting in which a person can rent his space of web server.

Cheap VPS hosting is better as it gives full privacy in which even if you share server with other, then no other websites on your server can access your files.VPS hosting loads data quickly and if server gets too much traffic, it never gets offline.VPS hosting is not only cheap but also gives better security on shared servers. If someone using your server is facing some problem than their problem will not affect your website or files. VPS hosting gives you your own operating system in which you have all application servers like PHP, MySQL or Apache.You can make changes to these servers or install any applications or programmes according to your needs. VPS hosting also stores and backup files. Installing any application can be done any time even if you have to restart your system and this does not affect VPS server even if it is shared. Suppose your computer has Window XP but you can do other programme on other windows like Window 7 or Window 8 without restarting your computer. VPS hosting comes with different plans. You can choose any plan according to your needs. These plans come with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains. Also, 24*7 Tech support is given by VPS hosting servers. VPS hosting servers comes with hard disks, which range from 30GB storage data to 240 GB storage. You can also add more RAM, if you have chosen less RAM storage earlier. You can switch from1 GB RAM to 6Gb or more.

Hosting packages with more space are expensive.Cheap VPS hosting gives you service like dedicated hosting server at low cost even if you need more space. VPS hosting gives RAM as given by dedicated server, and others using your server cannot utilize all the RAM. Go for VPS hosting server if you are looking for online website domain as it provides fast uploading of data and unlimited bandwidth hosting.

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