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Dedicated server is a non-shared server with excellent features which gives full privacy and control to its users. Dedicated servers are different from other hosting servers.

Dedicated server does not rent out its server to other parties. Only one website will reside upon a dedicated server to access all of its resources.

If a person is running an online business, then there are many reasons to choose dedicated servers. An online business runs on the website, where company information, products, and services are stored. Choosing wrong server can potentially harm their website and minimizes the traffic which will affect the business eventually.

Privacy of the website: Privacy is very important for any website. If the website does not have any privacy control, then anyone can change the content and other settings which can potentially damage the company’s image. Dedicated server’s set up gives full privacy to the website and a person can manage website privacy like who can see and post a comment on the website, who can download certain things from the website and many more.

Resources of the website: A website needs different resources from a dedicated server. An online website keeps on updating and adding its product and services. This requires large space. Dedicated server hosting is responsible for troubleshooting of any software and hardware. Even if a person wants to increase its website server RAM, he or she can easily switch to more RAM or disk space. Apart from hardware software responsibility, dedicated servers are also responsible for network availability and backups. It provides 24*7 customer support for any technical problem to its customers.

Security of website: Websites are always at potential threat from different viruses, Malware or multiple spam activities. These viruses corrupt any files or data on the website. To protect websites from these threats, dedicated server hosting could be one of the best solutions. They give full security to websites from these viruses. Due to its non-sharing feature, it provides complete security to the websites.

Crash problems in the website: Many softwares are used for creating a website. Websites are written through scripting languages such as PHP, Apache or MYSQL. If they crash, the website might not work properly or may stop working. But the dedicated server does not allow these crash problems to occur, which further enhances the quality of the dedicated server.

Website performance: For fast uploading of data on the website, it requires a fast server which uploads the data quickly and bring more traffic. Dedicated server uploads data at a faster rate. Due to shared hosting, uploading data consumes more time. But due to non-sharing method, dedicated servers focus on one task at a time. It increases the website speed and thus data is uploaded at a faster speed.

Server control : Sometimes a person requires different software for its website. Downloading software is an easy task, but there are some softwares which are heavy enough to get downloaded so easily due to poor server control. Dedicated server gives full control over downloading any software without any hindrance. One can install any software of his or her choice anytime.

Dedicated servers improve the website performance. Such websites can access to different resources of the server. To get full access to resources, privacy, control to our website, dedicated server should be given the first preference.

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