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Colocation is a data center in which bandwidth, space and equipments are available for leasing to other company’s website. Through colocation, a company can rent its server network, space, power and storage to other companies.

Companies who have fewer IT requirements, colocation is perhaps the best solution for them as it provides better security, low cost, and technical support. For managing a data center,  you would require space, requisite power, and cooling. Managing such I.T infrastructure requirements could get costly. To manage all these, UPS, generators and HVAC units are required. But with the help of colocation, one can reduce the cost of managing these types of equipments. One can share these types of equipments and facilities with the help of colocation. The biggest benefit of colocation is reduced bandwidth cost since it provides a company with same price server in a colocation facility. Due to this, the speed of the bandwidth gets higher and better space for the network connections. If you have full access to the dedicated network, then these cost savings can be improved for the benefit of the stakeholders.

Colocation facilities provide better power protection as well. For instance, due to thunderstorm, if power line gets disconnected, and there is no power for many days, colocation facilities would be of great help. Having generators cannot run servers for long time, then websites get down due to no power backup. But in colocation, one has to pay for generator power or power backup which protects the website from the situation if no power is there.

If server machine becomes slow, and does not have memory, one can upgrade the server. One can upgrade disk space or RAM, to get fast access to the server. In colocation, one can download the software by themselves without any help. Even one can increase or decrease the bandwidth limit with colocation.

Colocation provides 24*7 technical support service. In colocation, no one can access your data without a high level of verification. It comes with high security feature which can secure data and equipment. Server colocation in Mumbai is secure and flexible in which user can customized its bandwidth speed, disk space, RAM etc. Colocation server in Mumbai provides free maintenance service if you don’t have I.T support team. Even one can change the software or hardware of their server if company requires. There is no limit to upgrade the data center of your business. It maintains environmental factors like maintenance of temperature and humidity.

A fast growing company always need a server. Let’s take the example of an online shopping site. Online business is growing day by day. Millions of people visit such websites on regular basis. Due to increased traffic, websites tend to go slow. Even these sites have to upload new products on a daily basis for which they require a large space for storage. Slow uploading will affect the in traffic on the websites. In such case, colocation is very important as one can change its need according to its requirement. With the help of colocation, web hosting provides better services to its customers. This will help them to bring more traffic and hence improve business outcomes. Colocation is best for web hosting where the user can upgrade or manage its server resources.

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