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Data center is a place where computer systems and its accessories, storage systems and telecommunications are housed. It contains extra power backup supplies, extra connections for data communications, control over air conditioning, fire and other security devices. Colocation is a center for data which provides server resources like RAM, disk space, bandwidth and equipment for rent. Both are different but still correlated.

Difference between data center and server colocation service:

In colocation, data center equipment are put on a lease. But in data center, users buy the equipment from the server such as colocation rent out server to other users, in which RAM, bandwidth, disk space are sold. In both data center and colocation, user have to connect with the server provider and ask for different server facilities.

If a user buys its own equipment then it becomes his responsibility to look after all equipment, but when a user puts the equipment on lease, then professionals will take care of the maintenance of the server. Now, it becomes their responsibility to look after the server related issues.

A user pays for a server, temperature and humidity control, power backup etc in the data center but in colocation server, users pay for both the server and maintenance of the server system. There is no expenditure on the server maintenance. In colocation, in house team will look after server maintenance and other issues related to the server.

To manage server, equipment could be a potentially big issue. In colocation center, system is managed by the user but in the data center, in-house trained staff will manage server and its problems of the service provider. The user who can manage his server by himself can opt for colocation but if he does not want to take any responsibility, he or she can choose the data center server.

Security is a major issue while selecting any server. Some prefer colocation server while others opt for the data center. Only users can decide what type of server hosting they will choose for their company. Data centers provide limited speed but in colocation, one can have the speed of the bandwidths as per the requirements.

For checking server redundancy, users need experienced staff who can identify which element needs to be changed. In colocation data server, users need a regular assessment of its server components and take the help of the in-house team, but in data center, users rely on professionals who manage their server and its components.

In colocation, 2nd or 3rd user cannot customize the resources of the server. Only main users can modify its resources. But in data center, users have full control over all the resources. Users can anytime upgrade RAM, bandwidth, disk space, and other equipment. They do not rely on any other as they are the ones owing the server. Users can modify any hardware or software of the server as per their needs or requirements.

Colocation and data center have same resources and same functions, but management is different. A large amount of data is entered in servers which affect its overall performance. It is the user who will decide, which server is the best for his or her company to achieve the desired business goals.

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