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Setting up dedicated servers in your company premises gives 100 percent security to the official website. It gives better privacy, control performance and boost up the speed of the website.Dedicated servers not only provide unshared server facilities but also improve the website performance as speed matters for any website. For fast downloading or uploading of data and files, websites require fast servers.

 Dedicated servers are known for fast uploading and downloading of data with full privacy and full security control. Also, for good website ranking, loading of website should be fast for users to stay on the same page. Large number of customers access internet for visiting websites but what if the website does not open quickly? It could be devastating, if a customer find himself in such a situation, and immediately closes the website or switch to other websites. Server speed is important for generating good revenue for the company.

 Dedicated servers do not let the website to share its server with other websites. Lets take an example of human race, if a person runs alone, he can run fast to reach his target; if his hand is tied with some other person and they both would have to run together, then this will affect their speed and that person’s speed will slow down in accordance with the other person. In a similar way, if a website uses single server without sharing, then its speed will boost, which will allow it to get connected quickly.

Due to this non sharing process, memory of the website will be used by one website only. Only one website will store its data on server memory. Dedicated servers have 100Mb/s port due to which data loads faster. Its high speed port gives quick access to data to the concerned person easily.

If a person buys dedicated server for his website, then his website becomes fast and secure. Due to dedicated server resources, it makes it possible to increase the speed of the website. Dedicated servers come with different RAM sizes, which range from 16Gb to 240Gb RAM. Dedicated servers are focused on one website only. Its different resources is used by one website only. High storage RAM is necessary for storing the data and better website performance. One can choose RAM according to the website demands and increase its speed subsequently.

Disk space: Dedicated server provides extra disk space according to the need of website. If disk space is full, it will affect the speed, so one can switch to larger disk size according to the requirement of the website that changes frequently, thus increasing the speed of the site. There is no disk space problem in dedicated servers.

Network: The network of the dedicated server is always active. Sometime due to network problem or low connectivity, speed of the website goes down. Dedicated servers come with excellent network quality which provides better speed to the websites, and provide quick access as well.

Buy a dedicated server hosting to increase the speed of the website. Dedicated servers are best for those whose business is completely dependent on the web platform. To gain more traffic to websites, it is perhaps the best solution. Buy dedicated servers hosting to ensure that you connect with your customers or clients and provide them fast services.

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