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Dedicated server is a hosting server for your website which a complete server is available for your own use. In todays era of technology the content goes viral which makes previous unknown websites gain attention. Some of the websites like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed have gained popularity because of their excellent and sharable content. Most of the companies start with shared hosting. In shared hosting you share the resources of the server with other user’s websites. There are many other users on the same server and they use the same resources with you. You share the speed and bandwidth with others. Other than shared hosting there are VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

VPS hosting is the sort of service which isolates a solitary server making server allotments function as autonomous server units. Every allotment behaves like a virtual server. This gives you complete control of the virtual server as it would with an isolated dedicated server. In VPS hosting a virtual part of the actual server is assigned to you. A dedicated server refers to rented use of a computer in the premises of a web hosting company which consists of a web server, a software and an internet connection.

In VPS hosting are many websites on the same server but you are assigned a specific set of resources whereas in dedicated hosting a single server and all its resources are available only for you. You are assigned a server in the premises of the web hosting company, and you have full control over it, but in case of VPS hosting you control a virtual server that may have several other users and environments.

In VPS hosting you share the CPU, Random access memory, and several resources with other machines but not with other users, whereas in dedicated hosting you do not share the CPU or any other resources with any other machine. In VPS you risk the slowing down of the server whereas in dedicated there is no risk of slowdown or system crash. Also in a dedicated server no other machine or user has access to your machine so there is a higher degree of security for your data and mails. It also provides you with a custom firewall, which enables you to have more access and control. Dedicated server delivers very high performance and flexibility as compared to the VPS server.

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