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Colocation service is basically a data center facility in which a particular business can rent space for the servers and other computing hardware. Particularly a colocation service provides a building, colling, power, bandwidth and physical security that is needed essentially to manage any business successfully. There are several benefits that colocation services provides to the businesses and thereby it has gained popularity among various businesses. Here are below enlisted some of the reasons that stands for the increasing popularity of colocation services: 

  • Optimum Quality Design and Infrastructure

    The collocation services are built to particular specifications and reliable standards to meet the requirements of present day’s high tech hardware. These are built with conditioned power, cooling, security systems and many other essential components that can cost dollars.

  • Provides Facility of Risk Management

    It is vital that the data must be made secure in an off site location to ensure that business risks are managed well. The colocation services in actual act as a disaster recovery location, which the businesses can use for recovering from any kind of major failure in their business. 

  • Redundancy

    Most of the colocation services come with redundancies that are equipped with better facilities of functioning. Thereby, redundancy is one of the biggest advantage and reason that why colocation services have become popular.

  • Premium Quality of Security

    The colocation services are built to be secure by nature and protects millions of dollars of hardware. Thereby premium quality of security that the colocation services provide is one of the reasons that it has gained popularity among the businesses across the world.

  • Better Scalability and Maintenance

    Colocation services are quite scalable as they need less planning and also provides a business more time to grow the product or service offering. Furthermore, colocation services require less maintenance as they are timely upgraded and offer businesses more time to grow rather than focusing on the maintenance parameters.

  • Certifications

    One of the biggest reason that colocation services are popular is that they already are certified. This thereby can save businesses thousands of dollars per year. Some of the certifications that the colocation services holds include, SSAE 16 Type II, PCI, HIPAA, Safe Harbour etc.

    Thus, these are some of the reasons that signify the rising popularity of colocation services among different businesses across the world. It can thereby stated that businesses are bound to grow with the appropriate incorporation of colocation services.

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