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Since the businesses are growing day by day, same is the need for hosting also increasing. Dedicated server hosting is one of the optimum quality hosting that is used by most of the businesses in the present scenario. As hosting itself involves incurring multiple costs, the need is that you must look after reducing cost on dedicated server hosting to have a cost effective solution for you. Here are below mentioned some of the ways that can aid you in reducing the cost on dedicated server hosting.

  • Consolidation of Website and Applications

If there are numerous websites in various hosting plans, then you can have a check that whether it is possible to upgrade your hosting plan subscription with existing provider or not. By consolidating all the websites in a single plan, you will save yourself extra costs that are spent on management of various management of different website hosting subscriptions.

  • Shift to Hosting Providers/Cloud

The costs that are involved in maintenance of on premise servers is huge and generally is overlooked by you in lieu of overall service management. To have an effective measure, the need is that you consider power usage, backup power setup, connectivity cost, management costs and many others. These costs pile up hugely and you can save a significant amount if you shift them to hosting providers or cloud. Using professional hosting providers you can reduce cost on dedicated sever hosting as they have enterprise grade set up that will provide you an optimum hosting solution on dedicated server hosting.

  • Incorporating the Usage of Managed Services

You might be shedding enough bucks on IT staff for managing of your servers, but there is no need to do this as now you can move to managed services by professionals to reduce the overall costs. With managed server, you can cut on the costs for dedicated server hosting. This is because the provider will instead manage everything inside your server that will include setup/provisioning, performing routine tasks and many others.

  • Virtualization of your Servers

Since it is the era of cloud computing, thereby there are many of the businesses who have benefited from virtualizing their physical hardware by moving to virtual machines. So to cut down the costs of dedicated server hosting, there is a need that you have a virtual machine that have full fledged operating system and thereby you can perform all the functions on virtual server.

Thereby these are some of the ways that can help you in reducing the costs on dedicated server hosting. By the adoption of these measures, you can definitely have more managed hosting without the need to shed extra bucks for the same.

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