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When it comes to associating a cost-benefit analysis of the hosting servers with third party vs. maintaining you own servers, you need to understand that the benefits primarily lie in scalability, reliability, support, and security. Leaving IT to the hands of experts can save you lots of money and time which are much better spent to grow your business. Here are the benefits of dedicated server in India:

  1. Security – the quality data centers invest time and capital to undergo the audits and ensure their logical network security, employee training, physical security, and company-wide procedures and policies to meet the national standards. The older standard that is originally used for the financial reporting, Statement on Auditing Standard (SAS 70), is now replaced with Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE 16) and SOC 3/SOC 2 report in order to indicate the excellence of data center.
    The managed hosting in India provides timely updates in software in order to ensure that the serves are completely protected against the newly developed malware and viruses. The Offsite backup in dedicated server in India is a very crucial service that can save any business in the event of unexpected disasters by storing the important data and vital applications available and safe.
  1. Expert Support – An entire team of responsive, certified and experienced staff can provide you 24/7 physical data center monitoring and server monitoring in order to stay aware of any kinds of issues.
    While the business may not be prepared to invest for an IT team, the managed dedicated service provides high level professional support, saving your money and time that can be better spend to more important things. Cutting down on training and hiring staffs through dedicated server in India can seriously help you in streamline of your business operations and your company bottom line.
  1. Reliable – When IT is not your main industry focus, it can be a very substantial burden when trying to manage/handle your own services. The worries about the up-time can only slow the growth of your business and will totally become a great distraction.
    A dedicate service can provide you a high quality infrastructure for data center in order to ensure that your services are always up and smoothly running. Since the data centers are the place where they run their business, they can provide you uninterruptible network and power connection without any point of failure. Why not take these advantages at dedicated server in India?
  1. Scalable – Dealing with the outages at the time your business is outgrowing the service or product demands can really be a pain. The managed dedicated hosting server has extra available space in order to support your business expansion needs.
    With the professional support of well-experienced staffs, you can deploy new servers flawlessly with complete expert support. Other added services can make the takes such as monitoring and updating your bandwidth, CPU usage and disk space as easy as longing in a portal and sending hosting requests in dedicated server in India.

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