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Compared to dedicated VPS servers, windows VPS hosting is one of the most popular choice of many enterprises and corporate individuals as it is much more cost effective and reliable unlike dedicated VPS which only provides less features. In dedicated server, a physical server node is being split to multiple virtual server, therefore distributing its cost evenly among users, while Windows VPS Hosting gets greater functions as a complete dedicated server.

Windows VPS Hosting has created a strong popularity as it is compatible to many software and programs, hence, it serves varied purposes for different requirements of your business. This type of VPS hosting is a virtualized server that mimics dedicated server within a shared environment, but offers greater feature in setting up web space, hence, making it easier for one to host a website online because all you need to do is to upload your site files (no server and setup needed) and you’re ready to go!

A Windows VPS Hosting solution can provide significant advantages for those who are using a .Net, ASP scripts and Microsoft exchange, whilst, allowing full root access which allows webmasters to have more control in terms of their site administration. Although Linux servers is cheaper than Windows VPS, but Linus set up isn’t suitable for everyone as it is not 100% secured compared to Windows servers which can back up both .Net and ASP. Other than the compatibility, Windows VPS Hosting also offers high level of security and can be independently rebooted.


Privacy – Windows VPS Hosting, unlike shared hosting servers, provides excellent security for your files and data. When particular site or account in inflicted under the hosting environment, hackers and other unauthorized intruders can possibly cause harm to the server, hence, causing danger to the security of your files and important data. Since you do not share your OS to anyone else under the VPS hosting environment, there are no other websites on the server that could potentially access your site and use it for fraud and other illegal activity, hence, saving you from possible data loses.

Highly Customizable – With Windows VPS Hosting, you can expertly have your own instances of server applications such as PHP, Apache and MySQL. You can also close ports with the use of its IPT able features, wherein you’ll have your own IP address, gain Root Access and enjoy the freedom to reboot your own VPS whenever you want. Webmasters can also customize diverse functions, such as your domain, database, panels and so much more, thus giving you the ease to customize everything at hand. If you need to make changes in your VPS, you can promptly make changes to suit the server to your specific needs.

Scalable – Windows VPS Hosting is highly scalable. So whether you require a small allocation to run simple email server, or needed a webserver with enough space to support extensive database application, you can easily do this easily without any hassle.

With the efficacy and feature-rich advantage of Windows VPS Hosting, there are so many reasons for one to take advantage of this excellent VPS hosting.

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