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Node.js is a Javascript runtime built with fast deployments in mind. Both the client and server-side of the application are Javascript. It provides an asynchronous approach to serving up content, providing for extremely responsive applications.

Step 1: Navigate to the Node.js download page and click on the Windows Installer icon to start downloading the installer

Step 2: Click Next on the installer and then, click the checkbox to accept the License Agreement and continue to click Next through the prompts:

Step 3: Eventually, during setup, there will be an option to install some optional tools to compile native modules. This option is left up to the user to decide

Step 4: Finally, select Install

Verify Node.js is Installed :

  1. To check the Node.js version for installation verification, open a command prompt by pressing the Windows key, typing in cmd, and pressing enter. Once the command prompt is open, run the following command:
  • C:\Users\Administrator>node -v


  1. The Windows installation of Node.js includes NPM, the node package manager. To verify packages are able to be installed, run the following command to install the react package:
  • C:\Users\Administrator>npm install -g react

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Now that Node.js is installed, it’s possible to start working on Node.js applications!

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