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The Linux kernel is like the central core of the operating system. It works as sort of a mediator, providing an interface between software applications and computer hardware.

The Linux kernel is the foundation on which all the different types of Linux, operate. It is Open Source software – anyone can decompile, examine, and modify the code.

As technology progresses, developers discover patches and updates to the Linux kernel. These patches can improve security, add functionality, or even improve the speed at which the operating system functions.

In order to perform the same follow the below provided steps:

  • SSH login to the server

  • Check the version using the below commands

cat /etc/redhat-release or /etc/issue
uname -r

  • Create screen for kernal update

screen -S krnl
yum update kernel

  • Edit the configuration file

vi /etc/grub.conf
default=0 to 1
savedefault --default=0 --once

  • Reboot the server

  • After reboot check ping and login to server

  • Open configuration file and change

vi /etc/grub.conf
default=1 to 0

  • Save the file

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