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People always get confused which one is better web hosting server between Linux and Window VPS web hosting. VPS hosting is becoming a need for every website. To know which one is better, let us discuss the difference between Linux and Window VPS web hosting. Linux and window VPS servers are same in many ways like both can store data, run software applications and manage resources as per the need of a company’s website. Both Linux and Window hosting servers are different from each other in following ways:

Linux is cheaper and open source without any associated software issue. There is no cost for licensing whereas Window VPS server is expensive than Linux, and they are associated with many applications.

More resources are required in Window VPS server like more RAM, more disk space etc which is not required in Linux server. Linux server uses less RAM with basic modules to host a website. These basic modules require fewer resources than Windows server. All scripts in the Windows will be supported by Windows server, but only MySQL and PHP database is supported by Linux.

Linux is more secure than a Windows server: Security in Linux or Windows depends on the setup and its administration system in hosting. There is full access to a server in which both Linux and Window server transport files to web servers. In Window server, only a few hosting administrators can access the telnet while Linux can access the telnet. Files are case sensitive in Windows but in Linux, files are not case sensitive. Windows uses Plesk panel control for shared and dedicated servers. Linux uses Control Panel or web host Manager for shared server and for Dedicated servers, reseller and VPS are used.

Windows uses single database configuration options whereas Linux do not use the same for its registry.

Linux provides a centralized location: Through this, one can add or delete and search for software. There is no need to insert a CD in Linux. But in Windows, for installing software, one needs to download software on CD then insert it and run the software on a computer. Linux provides painless and centralized installing which is simple. Linux provides a flexible environment where one can change his desktop look like, but in Windows, there is no flexibility. No one can change the look of its desktop.

Linux VPS hosting in India is good for those businesses, which have a low budget with good technical skills to manage Linux server.

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