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Dedicated Server A dedicated server is that which serves entirely and only one business or website without sharing its resources with any other third party. There are two types of dedicated servers namely managed dedicated server and self managed dedicated server.

Managed Dedicated Server: Managed dedicated server is that in which contract of maintenance, services, and upkeep of  hardware and software of server is given to third party.

Self Managed Dedicated Server: Self managed dedicated servers are those in which owner takes the charge of the upkeep and maintenance himself/herself. Timely installation of software or applications are done from source itself.

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server: In contrast to self managed dedicated server, one should focus to buy managed dedicated server keeping in mind the benefits mentioned below.

Hassle Free: Managed dedicated server is hassle free as the owner gets the benefit of dedicated server without pursuing responsibilities and still having a smooth business. Agreement between business owner and technical service provider brings harmony in business operations by settling the bugs promptly.

Time Saving: With managed dedicated server, one has more time to focus on his/her business which is saved by delegating the maintenance to third party. Outsourcing technicalities to experts frees the time which can be spent in turn on prime business.

Non Requirement of Prior Experience: Experience in server administration is not required as there are experienced technicians to maintain/upkeep the server. Their experience and expertise can be utilised to run the business comfortably.

Secure and Convenient: Managed hosting provides simple to use plesk management tools making it convenient to run server. Moreover, it also ensures physical security and logical network security with the support of well trained technicians.

Data Security: Managed hosting provides data security through offsite backup making the files available and safe in the event of crash. Thus, it gives peace of mind by ensuring server is being secured by someone against any threats or viruses.

Expert Customer Support: Managed dedicated server brings its clients expert support team which monitors servers 24*7, resolves issues, and take precautions against any potential attacks. Moreover, issues are resolved quickly ensuring server stays operational.

More Reliability: Managed dedicated servers are more reliable than self managed as when it comes up that IT is not client’s stream of line, then managing server on own becomes a hurdle in running business. So, relying on managed dedicated server is more apt to keep up and run the website.

Flexible: Managed dedicated servers provide scalable environment wherein growing demands of business can be accommodated conveniently and new servers, extra bandwidth, and updation of softwares can be easily deployed.

Decreases Downtime: With the availability of online support, business experiences increased uptime by having resolved upcoming issues then and there contributing to reduced downtime and increased efficiency.

Focus on Core Business: By delegating the maintenance and upkeep of the system to third party,  owner of the server can focus on his/her prime business by avoiding distraction which can be the main reason to push back entrepreneur.

Based on aforesaid benefits, managed dedicated server is more beneficial than self managed in terms of security, compatibility with OS and plesk, administrative access to install software or applications besides server hardware and network availability which are the only features of self managed dedicated server.

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