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Collocation is the practice of placing your servers and devices in a third-party data centers. You may don’t have the in-house resource or space to accommodate and manage the servers yourself. In such cases you can rent space on a server owned by ISO-accredited data centers. As you see in other kinds of hosting, you rent space on a server owned by a hosting service provider but in collocation hosting, you already have a physical server and rents the required physical space to place it within a professional data center.

Collocation Services

A collocation provider will not only offer you the required space to house your server and network equipment, but will also provide an IP, bandwidth, power, air cooling system and a whole lot of other features that help in better performance of your server.

Collocation services include renting out server cabinets and racks. A rack is a standardized frame for housing the server and network equipment. Hardware that is to be housed in a rack is measured in rack units where one rack unit is 1.75 inches. The cost for a collocation hosting depends on the number of units required. A full size rack measures 47 rack units and is termed as ‘cabinet’. Every business has different needs. Considering your budget and needs you can go for full, half or partial cabinets.

Things to look for before choosing a data center

There are many collocation server-hosting providers in India, but you need to consider the following things before you sign up with them.

Location: it must be easy for you to reach out the physical location of your data center. The place must not be or less affected from natural disasters like hurricane, floods and earthquakes.
Security: security is the primary concern of any business. If you need extra protection, it is important to discuss them.
Hardware support: Many data centers offer hardware support contracts and take care that the server runs successfully.
Top Benefits of collocation

If something goes wrong with your server overnight, you need to hire extra staff to get things right. Just call your collocation service provider and get it fixed.

Stay cool knowing that your data is always safe within the walls of a certified data center that is under surveillance cameras.

Better performance, Speed and connectivity
Transferring your data to a collocation site ensures better performance of your systems.

Stable temperature
Collocation providers keep your servers at constant temperature with high bandwidth speeds than a typical in-house data center can provide you with.


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