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For Someone running a busy business like an eCommerce store or managing a company website, it would be very tedious for him to also perform server management. Hence for these busy people the solution is to go for fully Managed hosting in India.

What is Managed Hosting

Simply put, when the hosting provider takes complete care of all your server related issues it is known as Managed Hosting. You have to rent the hardware from the host provider and also you have to pay them management fees for their services. We will study the technical and Business benefits that are achieved from Managed hosting.

Technical Benefits of Managed Hosting

Server Monitoring-It is the continuous scanning of the servers to check for anything irregular or any system failures. System administrators are always monitoring  the servers to monitor any failures so that they can fix them before they can become a problem.

Security- The Server security is of prime importance for any business and there are many factors under server security like:

  1. Security Checks
  2. Filtering spam
  3. Scanning Virus
  4. Firewall Configuration
  5. O.S updates

Managed Storage- As the Company grows, the amount of storage requirements also increases and so there is a requirement of balance of technical skill and ongoing commitment and to give it proper attention.

Managed Database-It is the same as managed storage, but needs the skills and expertise of an ace Database administrator. He acts as a software consultant to design the best database to meet their needs and requirements. So if you have a company you need the skillset they offer.

Backup- A company cannot afford to lose data and needs a system to backup data, keeps it secure and keeps up it’s integrity. According to research articles, companies can lose 50% of their data after a calamity or disaster. By using managed services you can have peace as the host provider has processes in place which can backup all your data and store them safe and securely.

Business Benefits of Managed Hosting

Customized Benefits- Every Company has different needs according to their size and therefore managed hosting provides a customized solution to all their needs and requirements. This is good because you can then decide with your provider your exact needs and pay him also for exactly the services you are using.

Reducing Operating Cost- A Small business owner does not have much cash at hand and hence may not be able to afford the services of a DBA and in-house system admins and hence a managed hosting provider is the ideal solution for him.

Saving time and money– With your hands full managing your daily customer needs and daily activities in your organisation, it is not feasible to also manage your server needs and therefore managed hosting is a good solution for you to save your time and money.

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