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When choosing cheapest dedicated servers in India, you would want to find the cheap dedicated web hosting companies that will offer you a good monthly price for your web site hosting, and will also offer you great customer service, fast servers and good internet connections, and reliability of the state of the art technology. There are many factors in selecting the cheapest and best-dedicated server web hosting company for all your needs and not considering them will ruin your website. You need to keep a balance of cheap and best reliable dedicated servers, which are necessary to make maximum profits.

Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

A dedicated server is one, which maybe owned or leased, and is completely devoted to a single website or an individual or organization. Most web sites on the internet use shared server web hosting. With the sharing server web site hosting, innumerable web sites which could be thousands of web sites are latched on to one web server. All the websites share the same common connection and the same server resource.

Cheap Dedicated Servers Web Site Hosting

When you lease a cheap dedicated server through middleman, you must be careful as the middle man is the reseller for a big hosting company. The middleman is your own support except for the things that are possible only at the servers’ physical location. So, you have to contact the middle man in these situations, who will then contact the provider before you can get a solution for your problem. This will result in a major downtime and revenue loss in your business. There are middle-man hosting companies out there providing good service and also a great personal touch, you are better off choosing the company that owns and runs the dedicated hosting server from an actual physical location of their own.

To Lease or To Buy Your Dedicated Servers?

There is a debate going on whether to buy or to lease dedicated servers. It is not necessary the best option that suits everyone’s needs. It depends on your own situation, one may be better than the other may to choose. If you own a new company and are on a budget, then leasing a dedicated hosting server is the best choice for you. Leasing allows you to stop your service whenever you want; it also allows you to make monthly payments for your dedicated hosting services. For a big company with lot of cash and high stability, buying a server is the best choice. Buying a dedicated hosting server allows you to pay a onetime amount instead of high every month payments that never end.

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