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As the technologies are become more extensive and sophisticated so all the servers and devices are housed in a professional data centers, this type of practicing is called colocation. These data centers  are quite large and provide us with greater bandwidth, lower latency, specialist services and systems, constant security etc. these Colocation services provides clients with  superior datacenter infrastructure, while maintaining control over their servers at the same time. It is an effective and efficient way of obtaining a continual business, scalability and a less amount of network latency that to way economical than a private data center. Colocation provides you with a feature of physically secure and hardened structure. Some colocation service providers also provides with services, such as installation, staging, remote hands services, network maintenance etc. hence Colocation is a form of web hosting where a client leases a cabinet in an off-site with a highly secured datacenter to house their own server hardware.

Other type of hosting is dedicated hosting ,where  a client opts to lease an entire server housed in an off-site datacenter which is meant for their  use only, and is not shared with any one else. This is in contrast to shared hosting, in which a server acts as a host to multiple clients. Dedicated hosting is fully customizable. One can manage services and select options like Firewalls, OS Administration, Backup, etc as per the need or requirement.

Dedicated hosting not only provide you with putting up the website but also they are ideal for are ideal for Enterprises which are working with  host Web servers, Mail servers, Application or Database servers, Corporate Intranets / Extranets, ecommerce portals, ERP applications, Live Streaming or Broadcast machines and many more . This hosting provides you with an entire ecosystem of servers, mails, storage and networks to manage your business.

These two different styles of hosting address different business challenges and hence are made for different business needs. Dedicated hosting service is best for to use when you have high volumes of traffic. It allows you to have full administrative control over the server and also when you don’t want to purchase your own server. Actually Colocation is also much like a dedicated hosting, where you will have your own server that will be used by your self only. You will not lease the server as you will own the server and buying the server could be expensive.

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