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If any body wants to host a website online the biggest difficulty is to choose the type of hosting environment. As every body is looking for the best deal in terms of price and service .One of the economical hosting environments is the shared hosting environment, which is a low maintenance and low budget system, where the expenditures per machine are covered by more users. Shared hosting is method in which one many users share one physical server and the allocated resources hosted on that server.

This makes it a slow and least reliable hosting environment as this sort of hosting turns out in server issues among the large number of users. Shared hosting allows you to access only a limited number of recourses. And also the leads to the possibility of facing many security issues for sharing a common server.

More over the shared server is maintained by the administrators of the various companies. And this could cause you a problem if one needs a module for his own script and that is not installed. But if the host needs a more reliable and less influential system by other hosting along with custom technical configurations then the host should move from shared hosting to a much configured and dedicated way of hosting that is VPS hosting.

In VPS hosting each user is independent from the others on the physical machine and a physical server is partitioned into many virtual servers. Every virtual server uses its own resources and Operating system, which gives the advantage of rebooting and configuring independently.

VPS hosting gives the host a dedicated mail server which saves you from troubles of getting into SPAM blacklists or bounced mails.

This sort of hosting allows the full root access to the virtual server hence in turn allows the host for configurations and installation. Due to all these advantages VPS hosting is gaining popularity in India people are moving from shared hosting to VPS hosting. Now days in India a user can get many good plans for VPS hosting and depending upon the requirements which provide them with a bandwidth of up to 100GB – 250 GB and it can be used on any operating system i.e. Linux or windows. Along with 24* 7 technical support and service monitoring which makes the system fully managed. To move from shared hosting to VPS hosting is way too beneficial in terms reliability, security, traffic, customization and many other aspect 

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