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In India the trend of web hosting is changing daily, people are understanding the difference between a shared server hosting and a virtual private server hosting.

People are realizing the limitations of having shared hosting and are moving towards the VPS hosting option to optimize their high traffic website.

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting?

The VPS hosting is a type of web hosting solution where virtualized servers are used to give the user a controlled access on their servers, while sharing the bandwidth, RAM, and CPU with the other users.


When your online portal needs more space and RAM and more resources to manage a rush in your website’s traffic, you need to have a better option than the current shared hosting package you are using. Our VPS servers India offer a better solution than the shared hosting in resources, features and all the other facilities with cheaper prices than the Dedicated Server hosting. All the VPS plans in India are managed properly and technical support is provided with the 24×7 well qualified technical support.

To enjoy good VPS hosting, we should make sure that the VPS hosting provider must certainly have a trustworthy and good track record in terms of reliability. The provider must also assure you of strict security measures and stringent policies for their servers. A good VPS provider will also see to it that he provides is a top quality CPU, and also has a dedicated RAM and provides you with a big storage space.

The VPS provider should also be customized according to the needs and requirements of the user. The provider must also be affordable to the user and not expensive. It should also give the users complete freedom and total control over their personal space, to decide on their operating system and the applications that the user would like to install and use. It must offer the users the option of Web, POP, FTP, IMAP servers and SMTP gateway.A Good VPS account host must also provide a sound technical support to users.

In India VPS hosting is growing in a big way and there are many companies offering it, in this age of cloud computing, all the virtual private servers (VPS) are not made equal. one must choose a VPS hosting provision with a high performance and secure servers in the public cloud environment to give more flexibility, power, and also.

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