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Unlike the saying “eyes are the window to the soul”, websites are the window to your organization. Strad Solutions provides you the best dedicated server India.

The first way to create an impression is to introduce the client to your website. In today’s era, it is highly necessary for the company to have its own website. It globalizes your company/ organization, and gets you a wide platform for your services. Now if you have one of the best websites, then it is equally important to choose the dedicated server hosting. It is a well known dedicated server where the customer leases a complete web hosting server to host websites of his organization. It completely is the single hardware that the hosting provider rents as per your requirements. Let’s check out the advantages of the web hosting servers.

Control Over the Hosting

One of the best use is that it gives the company complete control over the dedicated server. Because when the server is shared, it does not allow them the access to certain features. But when you have the complete control, it allows for wider flexibility over your business.


It also makes the server very reliable, secure, powerful and stable. The dedicated server does not allows you to share its bandwidth with others. This gives your website the complete right to have access to the resources it requires.

Confirmed Security

Unlike the VPS that is shared between more clients, the dedicated server gives you the greater level of security. All the operating system related issues are resolved by dedicated server hosting provider. If you combine it with regular updates and security patches, it will give you strong protection.

Saves Money

In this type of hosting, the web server provides the web infrastructure, care and maintenance of the dedicated server. So that makes you to pay only for the server usage. It saves your amount that you would have invested on the maintenance of the server.


Get The Additional Space

When you have the dedicated web server, it becomes easier to get extra and much space. You do not have to rely on other web server for more space.

 So now you see, why the web servers are important when you have either have a new website or the new business. It makes the server more reliable and gives you the greater performance. If your website has greater traffic, it will eventually help to maintain the speed. It is completely worth the investment, because the comfort that it provides to you. Websites having more amounts of video bandwidths and high resolution graphics can very well handle the faster speed.

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